Just a little about me

Computers have been a life-long passion which started with programming small games to entertain me through High School, setting up my own websites and has evolved into a relatively big environment for my experimentation. Setting up my own computer environment, troubleshooting and especially automation has caused me to develop a strong preference to all things Open Source. Some of the things I host are email, DNS, ownCloud all configured through Salt Stack. This has allowed me to develop my skills in a variety of areas.

For my day job I work at Tangerine where I am responsible for the overall x86 Infrastructure. Working with the rest of the IT team I have used my knowledge to transfor the Linux environment at Tangerine from a couple of small utility servers to managing approximately 280 servers running even the most critical applications. This required the move to a fully managed environment that is patched through Red Hat Satellite, the configurations are managed through Puppet and all authentication happens through Red Hat IDM (FreeIPA).

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